Lower Mainland Ringette League (LMRL) AA program

The LMRL historically has put together one AA team of talented players from all LMRL associations in each division (U14AA, U16AA and U19AA).  These three teams play in the division above for the regular season (ie. U14AA playing U16 teams) and then they compete against other AA teams from across the province and the country.

Tryouts for these teams will happen September 4-11 (detailed AA tryout schedule for all divisions here).

This year it has been determined that if there are enough U14AA players that the LMRL will create two balanced U14AA teams so they are able to play local U14AA games in addition to the above.  This means that there is a greater number of players who will be able to participate in the AA program at the U14 level and will be open to those born in 2003 and 2004.

It is not known how the teams will be balanced or if there will be boundaries for the two teams.  Those details will be determined by the LMRL AA program.

Finally, U14AA players are allowed and encouraged to play both AA and on their local association A team.  This is known as “double carding” and greatly helps local associations to field teams.